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What is AI Society?

We aim to create an environment for people interested in AI to come together and expand their knowledge through workshops, collaborations on competitions and projects, and guest speaker events. AI Society provides participants with the ability to implement machine learning algorithms on the cloud, technical knowledge of subfields within AI including deep reinforcement learning and computer vision, and strategies to land an internship or job in an AI-related field.


We are currently working on solving the Hanabi challenge by purposing a Reinforcement Learning agent that plays in imperfect knowledge settings


Every quarter we host workshops on deep learning and image recognition open to everyone. These workshops will not require any prior technical knowledge

VMWare Mentorship Program

We are collaborating with VMWare to offer to some of our members high-quality mentorship from specialists in Industry.


Exploring the limits of what can be done with Artificial Intelligence.

The Hanabi Challenge

Trying to solve cooperative imperfect knowledge games, the next big challenge for AI.Join us now!

VMware Mentorship Program

Working with VMware, Inc., a cloud computing company, on industry projects related to machine learning. Check us out!


Four undergraduate students at UC Davis with a passion for Artificial Intelligence.

Justin Wang

President and Hanabi Project Lead

Hariharan Sezhiyan

Treasurer and VMWare Mentorship Lead

Daniel Loran

Project Manager

Harshita Kaushal

Workshop Manager


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