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What is AI Society?

We aim to create an environment for people interested in AI to come together and expand their knowledge through workshops, collaborations on competitions and projects, and guest speaker events. AI Society provides participants with the ability to implement machine learning algorithms on the cloud, technical knowledge of subfields within AI including deep reinforcement learning and computer vision, and strategies to land an internship or job in an AI-related field.


Projects we are currently developing include a self-driving car and swarmbots based on reinforcement learning.


We are hosting workshops on deep learning and image recognition during Fall Quarter 2018. These workshops will not require any prior technical knowledge. Anyone is welcome!


We are participating to Marlo 2018, a multi-agent reinforcement learning competition in Minecraft hosted by Microsoft Research. Apply to join our team!


Exploring the limits of what can be done with Artificial Intelligence.

Self-Driving Car

Integrating hardware and software in an AI system to solve one of today's most important problems. Join us now!

Marlo competition

Created by Microsoft Research, it's a multi-agent reinforcement learning challenge in Minecraft. Join us now!


Five undergraduate students at UC Davis with a passion for Artificial Intelligence.

Lorenzo Mambretti


Sophie Quynn

Public Relations

Sam Minh Truong

Workshop Manager

Hariharan Sezhiyan


Adam Jones

Project Manager

Justin Wang

Competition Manager


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